April 12, 2020 

Dear everybody,  

There will be new recordings and art starting to appear here within the next couple weeks. This site will be undergoing a bit of a rebirth over the coming month. Please stick with me and with all us musicians/artists as we offer our voices up for the cause of the beauty of the human spirit.     

Sign up to the email list or just visit back here or on my other sites soon for announcements. 

Due to the need to flatten the curve of the Covid-19 virus all of my dates are cancelled and I am so sorry to miss you this time around. To each and every one of you I extend my deepest respect and gratitude for doing what you can to protect and nourish the precious lives of one another as you build your communities now with love, courage, generosity, and patience. 

May you be seen, heard, understood, and cherished. 










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